As the impeachment witch hunt against President Trump continues, one interesting thing may come of the congressional circus. Some congressional Republicans and Trump advisors are pushing for Joe and Hunter Biden to testify, under oath, as witnesses during the hearings.

This could prove once and for all how exactly the younger Biden made millions if not billions of dollars overseas while his father was Vice President. President Trump is in favor of this strategy. On Thursday, he tweeted out the question, “What did Hunter Biden do for the money?” before adding that “He and Sleepy Joe must testify”

Even Republicans are split on this strategy though. Some Senate Republicans are saying anonymously that this is just a ploy to turn the hearings into a “side show” or “reality show”. Others, like former advisor Steve Bannon, believe this is the key to the President’s defense and the Democrats downfall. Bannon has said, “The Bidens have to be called. Joe Biden is a hand grenade, and Hunter Biden is the pin. And when that pin gets pulled, the shrapnel is going to blow back all over the Democratic establishment.”