Just days after congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s (D-MN) second divorce was finalized, even more campaign finance law violations are being found in relation to her affair with a staffer. Omar’s marriage broke up after it was uncovered that she was carrying out an elicit affair with her finance chief, Tim Mynett. That relationship is not only problematic because of the moral and #MeToo implications but also because it appears Omar broke major campaign finance laws paying for her tryst.

After hiring her soon to be lover in August of 2018, Omar’s campaign payed Mynett’s company $369,000. This can be seen as a major campaign finance violation alone. In addition to this though, the campaign reimbursed Mynett’s company around $25,000 for his travel with the campaign. If this travel is deemed to be personal in nature, that is a huge violation.

Media outlets have reached out to both the Omar campaign’s and Mynett’s company’s lawyers for comment and, in a stunning conflict of interest, the same lawer represents them both. The lawyer, David Mitrani, dismissed the claims saying they are “nothing more than blustering to attempt to create the appearance of legal jeopardy when there is none,” adding, “The parties have at all times complied with federal campaign finance law.”