Swedish behavioral scientist Magnus Söderlund believes that eating human flesh is the solution to fighting climate change. Söderlund made an appearance on State Swedish Television channel TV4 explaining that society must “awaken the idea” of consuming human tissue in the future.

Söderlund argues that the taboo against eating human flesh can be overcome slowly by encouraging people to try it. The scientist warns that food will be scarce so we need to be introduced to consuming things such as pets and insects. He also teased that humans can be “tricked” into making “right decisions.”

“People in the general public are a bit conservative when it comes to eating things they are not used to,” Söderlund stated. “If we are about to leave no stone unturned when it comes to climate and sustainability questions, it is important to raise the issue,” he added.

Söderlund plans to have seminars to educate people on eating human flesh to cut down on greenhouse emissions.