Former Antifa member says, “Antifa is a bigger threat for one city to handle and we really need action at a federal level.”

Gabriel Nadales, a former Antifa member, admitted that “wearing the black mask makes you part of of a mob mentality.” Nadales, who is currently the Regional Field Coordinator for Campus Reform, says that Antifa is more violent today than it was when he was involved.

Nadales explained to Fox’s Laura Ingraham why Antifa has become so violent and why he left the group.


A thousand Portland police officers and other state and federal law enforcement agencies including the FBI were present for downtown Portland’s demonstration of Antifa members and far-right protesters, the Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer. Thirteen people were arrested, six were injured, and one person was taken to the hospital, according to KOIN.

Mayor Wheeler claims the demonstrations are tied to “a rising white nationalist movement.” Wheeler said, “We’re certainly seeing that play out. Portland being a very progressive community is always going to be at or near ground zero of this battle.”

Wheeler made an announcement on Twitter early in the month: “A message to anyone who plans on using Portland on August 17th to commit violence and spread hate: We. Don’t. Want. You. Here. Stop using our beautiful city and our home to spread fear and disrupt our lives.”

The mayor seems to turn a blind eye on Antifa members who were filmed committing act of violence during the protest.

Antifa members were filmed chasing a man and spraying him in the face. The anti-fascist members were filmed attacking people on a bus by throwing hammers, using pepper spray, and shattering the bus windows.

The Antifa mob attacked a man and beat him unconscious.