Stand up comedian and far-left actress Sarah Silverman was recently fired from a film production because of a skit she did in 2007, for Comedy Central’s The Sarah Silverman Program. The actress wore full blackface with overly painted lips for the skit saying, “I look like the beautiful Queen Latifah.”

On the Bill Simmons Podcast last week, Silverman explained, “I recently was going to do a movie, a sweet part, then at 11pm the night before, they fired me because they saw a picture of me in blackface from that episode.” She added, “I didn’t fight it. They hired someone else who is wonderful but who has never stuck their neck out. It was so disheartening. It just made me real, real sad, because I really kind of devoted my life to making it right.”

Silverman admitted, “I knew there was racism, I knew that there was and I wanted to illuminate that in some way in comedy. But I didn’t know that cops were killing black people and unarmed black teenagers on the regular, and that changed me forever.”

The actress talked about cancel culture and people looking for content from years ago to use against public figures. “It’s like, if you’re not on board, if you say the wrong thing, if you had a tweet once, everyone is, like, throwing the first stone. It’s so odd. It’s a perversion. It’s really, ‘Look how righteous I am and now I’m going to press refresh all day long to see how many likes I get in my righteousness,’” she complained.

Silverman was part of the group of Hollywood stars who threatened to boycott the state of Georgia over the abortion bill back in March.

The actress also called for a military coup back in 2017 when she tweeted, “WAKE UP & JOIN THE RESISTANCE. ONCE THE MILITARY IS W US FASCISTS GET OVERTHROWN. MAD KING & HIS HANDLERS GO BYE BYE”

Silverman also tweeted that she hoped President Trump would be a victim and be “held down” and “violated” last October.