Dr. Drew Pinsky is predicting that Los Angeles will be faced with an outbreak of the bubonic plague due to the growth of the homeless population.

Dr. Drew had also predicted the recent typhus outbreak in Los Angeles. Rats carry typhus and then it is transferred by fleas to our pets, and from our pets to us. Dr. Drew added that like typhus, the bubonic plague could spread to humans from rodents in a very similar fashion.

In an interview with Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams, Dr. Drew explained his prediction.

Dr. Drew said, “And if you look at the pictures of Los Angeles, you will see that the homeless encampments are surrounded by dumps. People defecate there, they throw their trash there, and the rats just proliferate there.” Human feces is directly entering city drains which flows into the Pacific Ocean. He added, “We have the sewage of 60,000 people hitting the ocean every day.” To make matters worse, Los Angeles doesn’t have a rodent control plan.

Dr. Drew stated that the circumstances are approaching a national emergency that would require the assistance of FEMA, the National Guard, and the Red Cross.

Reports show that the homeless population of Los Angeles has increased by 12% this year, adding 60,000 more people. One of Mayor Eric Garcetti’s campaign promises was to end homelessness in 2013, but Garcetti has failed even though voter-approved tax increases have provided the city more revenue.