Earlier this week, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Central District of California indicted 22 people linked to the Fulton Clique, a subset of the MS-13 street gang, for murdering seven people in a horrific killing spree.

The 77-page indictment states that six MS -13 gang members abducted, choked, and drove a member of the rival gang into the Angeles National Forest. Gruesome details from the report state the gang members hacked the man with machetes, and cut his heart out of his chest before throwing the body parts into the canyon.

The indictment listed the gang members as responsible for over 200 crimes in several states over nine years. Of the 22 that were indicted, 19 are illegal immigrants, and most of the members arrived in the U.S. within the past four years.

“We have now taken off the streets nearly two dozen people associated with the most violent arm of MS-13 in Los Angeles, where the gang is believed to have killed 24 people over the past two years,” stated Nick Hanna, U.S. Attorney for the Central District of California.

The MS-13 gang, which originally began with illegal aliens from El Salvador, operates out of California, Virginia, Washington, D.C., and New York. The Justice Department released investigative reports that exposed the MS-13 Gang for sending recruits to the U.S. illegally, some pretending to be unaccompanied children. 

The M-13 gang, which appears not to be slowing down, but rather evolving, was mentioned by Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign. Trump said to a crowd, “I called them ‘animals’ the other day and I was met with rebuke. They said, ‘They’re people.’ They’re not people. They’re animals. We have to be very, very tough.”

These gang members are the same people who House Speaker Nancy Pelosi spoke about when she said:

“We believe that – some of us who are attracted to the political arena, to government and public service – that we’re all God’s children, there’s a spark of divinity in every person on Earth, and that we all have to recognize that, as we respect the dignity and worth of every person, and as we recognize our responsibilities with that spark of divinity within us.”

Here’s a flashback of some people from West Hollywood, California defending the MS-13 gang members.