On Wednesday, members of the radical-left wing organization, Antifa, attacked a local Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facility in Portland, Oregon, within hours after President Joe Biden’s inauguration.

According to law enforcement authorities, a crowd of 150 rioters stormed an ICE building. The officers claimed that the radical left-wing protesters hurled rocks and eggs, while others vandalized the facility. In a statement by Sgt. Kevin Allen, he confirmed the recent attack as well as the damages to the federal immigration building. Allen claimed that the rioters carried pepper ball guns, shields, fireworks, rocks, and even electronic weapons resembling a stun gun.

Allen also assured that the police are closely monitoring the situation, although he advised that local residents may experience traffic within the area. In a social media post, the Portland Police Bureau warned, “Anyone who is involved in criminal behavior including vandalism and graffiti is subject to arrest or citation.”

That same day, Antifa also destroyed a local Democratic Party headquarters. When the crowd started to disperse, the police began making targeted arrests. The rioters even attempted to remove an officer from a bicycle.

Overall, eight adults were arrested in connection to the incident.

To make matters worse, cities across the U.S. have also experienced violent attacks from left-wing protesters during Inauguration day. In the city of Seattle, rioters destroyed cars and property in their call to “Abolish ICE.” Moreover, in the city of Denver, Colorado, protesters also burned American flags as rioters chanted anti-Biden slogans.

The call to abolish the ICE facility came after a caravan of 10,000 Honduran migrants left Guatemala on their way to the United States in hopes of seeking asylum with the new administration’s lax immigration policy. To stop the exodus of migrants from coming to the U.S., Biden plans to grant U.S. citizenship to illegal migrants who can prove that they are in the United States on January 1.

The move was a part of Biden’s promise to overturn former President DonaldTrump’s key immigration policies. With the proposed legislation, the administration is set to introduce a bill that would run for hundreds of pages long and ultimately outlines an eight-year citizenship path for migrants.