An illegal alien, who has sexually abused a minor might not have to serve time for his crimes. Dayber Alarcon-Riveros is a 20-year-old Peruvian illegal immigrant. He has pleaded guilty to counts of sexual abuse of a minor and of lewd conduct. He was originally charged with child sex crimes and possession of child pornography. The victim was a 12-year-old at the time of the abuse and she had been living in the same house as the Alarcon-Riveros, which is something that he took advantage of.

The victim’s father noticed that sexual images had been shared with her when he checked her phone. He contacted the police immediately and Alarcon-Riveros was arrested. He has been sentenced but he has received what is known as a “rider.” Under that, he will have to go through sex-offender treatment. Once the treatment is done, the court will then decide if he will have to carry out his prison term or whether he would be free to go. That means there is a chance that he can walk free despite the gravity of the crimes that he has committed. Hopefully, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency will be waiting for him once he gets released so they can send him packing to Peru.

Meanwhile in Prince William County, Virginia, a hit-and-run incident killed 62-year-old American Alberto Anthony Marino. One Walner Alberto Pichinte Echeverria was arrested and charged with felony hit-and-run. It has been revealed that Echeverria is an illegal alien. The senior was struck by another car but as he lay in the middle of the road, that was when the car that Echeverria was driving hit and killed the old man. The authorities are still searching for the driver of the first vehicle that struck Marino.

These are just two instances of illegal aliens perpetrating crimes while they are in the United States. For the most part, the mainstream media will ignore these stories because they do not fit the narrative that there are no such things as illegal migrants and that anyone who is against them is instantly racist.