On Saturday night, human smugglers who have connections to Mexican cartel abandoned a pregnant woman and her unborn baby to die after falling off the 19 feet US border near Clint, Texas.

According to reports from the CBP, the Guatemalan woman has been identified as Mirian Stephany Girón Luna. Along with her male partner, Luna illegally crossed the US border. Unfortunately, she had fallen after trying to climb over the 19 feet mesh wall. The smugglers went on with their journey, leaving the injured pregnant woman and her male companion in the darkness.

She was then found critically injured by the El Paso Sector Border Patrol agents, who immediately called an ambulance. The doctors conducted surgery and an emergency C-section. However, despite their best efforts, CBP BP Acting Commissioner Mark Morgan, announced that “Tragically, the mother and the child died from the injuries from the fall.”

Luna suffered fatal injuries from the 19-feet fall including, cerebral hemorrhage, a pelvic fracture, and internal organ injuries. Upon inspection, the CBP confirmed that they do not have any previous record of Luna near ports of entry, or either being a participant of the “Remain in Mexico” program. According to the Guatemalan Consul in Rio, Tekandi Paniagua Flores, he had spoken to Luna’shusband, who had since expressed his regret with their decision to cross the border. According to Paniagua, the male companion claimed that “If he had known that the risks were this high, he would not have done it.”

Paniagua continued to say that despite the best efforts from the Border Patrol agents, more and more people have died from the “the hands of human smugglers.” El Paso Sector Chief Gloria Chavez released a written statement promising that they will try their best to make the smugglers accountable. “We will engage our law enforcement partners in Mexico to find those responsible for placing these lives in danger,” Chavez said.

Sadly, this is not the first time that a pregnant woman had died from the border crossing. In fact, in 2015, Jaqueline Capistran-Ochoa, 32, and her husband had paid a whopping $12,000 to the two smugglers, Carlos Hernandez-Palma, and Fernando Armenta-Romero.

Ochoa, who was 12 weeks pregnant, had also fallen from the border wall, and despite repeated pleads from her husband, the smugglers had left the woman to die in the wilderness of California, suffering from diabetes and hypothermia.

The smugglers had since been made accountable for Ochoa’s death. Court documents stated that the couple was promised an easy two day trip from Tijuana Mexico to the US. However, things did not go as planned as they were led to days of mountainous hiking.