As President Trump promised, illegal immigrants attempting to enter the United States have decreased considerably. At the southern border, the 21-day average is less than one thousand, which is a 78% decrease over the last year.

Currently, about 1,300 illegals aliens are apprehended daily – quite a drop from the 4,000 apprehensions made during the height of the crisis, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection commissioner Mark Morgan.

Morgan noted the past conversations about “overcrowding” and the system being overwhelmed, but they aren’t experiencing that anymore.

There’s a decrease in the number of people trying to cross the border so fewer people are being stopped. Still, Morgan did stress the crisis is far from being over because Mexican cartels choose drugs to replace smuggling people across the border to make money.

Last week, five people were arrested for attempting to smuggle over 675 lbs of meth, heroin, hash oil, and fentanyl through the Arizona Ports of Entry.

Morgan noted that Congress has not helped much to change the outdated immigration laws. But he gave President Trump credit for taking action and building relationships with Mexico and nations of Central America that “now hold immigrants seeking to come into the U.S. until the government gives them the green light.”

“This is not a political statement, it’s because I believe it and because it is true: The success that I just outlined is absolutely a direct result of this president’s strategies,” said Morgan. “We are succeeding in addressing this crisis.”