On Monday, hundreds of illegal immigrants flocked to New York DMV locations to sign up to get a legal drivers license for the first time. In June, a law was passed called the Driver’s License Access and Privacy Act, or Green Light Law, which allows anyone, aged 16 and older, to apply for the license “regardless of their citizenship or lawful status” in the U.S.

The purpose of the law id to “make day-to-day lives easier for undocumented migrants” and it allows any license applicant without a valid Social Security number can submit multiple alternative forms of ID including valid passports issued in foreign countries.

Monday was the first day the law was enacted and it saw hundreds of illegals streamed to DMVs to get their legal licenses. Applicants must still get a driver’s permit first and then pass a road test to qualify for a driver’s license. These licenses cannot be used for federal purposes like an enhanced driver’s license or Real ID. Advocates are calling this a huge step in gaining equal rights for illegal immigrants.