A video that was posted to social media shows three people at the border wall at the El Centro Sector in Southern California; one person at the bottom was holding a ladder, while two others scaled the wall. The video shows one person making it to the U.S. side, but it does not show what happened next.

Surveillance technology alerted Border Patrol agents and they quickly apprehended the person who made it over the wall, a 16-year-old Mexican male. Agents are working to locate the other two people involved.


According to CBP, the wall system worked “exactly as designed.”

“The border wall system consists not only of a physical barrier, but also lighting, patrol roads and detection technology,” said Assistant Chief Joshua Devack, in a video posted to Twitter. “While the physical barrier serves to slow down illicit traffic, the detection technology alerts our agents as to where and when threats emerge.”

“The illicit traffic was slowed down, the detection technology alerted our agents,” said Devack. “Agents responded and the subject was apprehended.”