n an interview with Bill O’Reilly President Trump laid out his plan to designate the murderous Mexican drug cartels as terrorist organizations due to their involvement in drug smuggling and human trafficking. This would allow the federal government to get involved in combating these evil organizations.

Responding to O’Reilly’s question about the Mexican drug cartels murdering more than 100 million Americans, President Trump responded, “They will be designated. I have been working on that for the last 90 days. You know, designation is not that easy, you have to go through a process, and we are well into that process.”

The President continued by saying, “At some point something has to be done. We’re losing a hundred thousand people a year to what’s happening and what’s coming through from Mexico. And [the Cartels] have unlimited money because it’s drug money and human trafficking money.”

This comes as the Mexican government has recently incited the FBI to help investigate the recent mass murder of the American woman and children who belonged to a Mormon group living in Mexico.