In yet another move that enforces New York City’s reputation as one of the most ridiculously liberal city in the country, today they have announced that they have med it illegal to threaten to call ICE on someone or tell them to “go back to their country”.

New York City has long been a far left wing liberal haven and have been on the forefront of turning the country into a “nanny-state” where the government dictates everything that is and is not socially acceptable. One of the so-called “sanctuary cities”, New York City has taken yet another step to protect illegal immigrants and demonize Republicans, conservatives, and Trump supporters who are in favor of immigration control.

In their announcement today, the NYC Commission on Human Rights said they are investigating 4 cases where people threatened to call ICE on suspected illegal immigrants as discriminatory crimes. They also deemed questioning someone’s English proficiency and using the term “illegal aliens” as no longer acceptable. Doing any of these things is now punishable by up to a $250,000 fine in New York City.

Opinion on the new law was obviously split down partisan lines. The left is declaring it a victory against Trump’s “mass deportation agenda” while others are understandably confused about how even a liberal city could go this far.