President Trump delayed a massive deportation operation two weeks ago and rescheduled it for this Sunday. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) are targeting 2,000 illegals who have ignored deportation orders.

Hillary Clinton is known for shifting her position on immigration over the years, but her tweet on Thursday is shocking.

She tweeted, “Por favor comparte (please share)” with an image listing instructions if ICE comes knocking on their door.

Here is the same image Hillary posted in English:

New York Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez also tweeted advice:

At her weekly press conference, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stated,“An ICE deportation warrant is not the same as a search warrant. If that is the only document ICE brings to a home raid, agents do not have the legal right to enter a home. If ICE agents don’t have a warrant signed by a judge, a person may refuse to open the door and let them in.” Politico reported that Pelosi encouraged others in her caucus to circulate the “Know Your Rights” campaign to illegal immigrants.