Last week, a video posted to Twitter by Jaeson Jones of TRIPWIRES & TRIGGERS–BAILOUTS revealed how illegal immigrants make their through the southern borders.

The forty-second video begins with a white Ford F-250 which appears stopped at the side of the highway. The vehicle quickly takes off heading northbound, and crosses over two northbound lanes, and then veers into a median. After the truck stops near a chain-linked fence, roughly 15 men and one woman, emerge from the vehicle and take off running. The Brooks County sheriff deputy was unable to apprehend anyone without the proper backup.

The traffic stop happened last March near the town of Encino, Texas, approximately 70 miles north of the Texas-Mexico border. The truck was reported stolen.

The area is a well-known checkpoint where human traffickers, also known as coyotes, drop illegal immigrants off so that they are able to sneak by the checkpoints on foot.